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GesMARK ART Studio

PRESENTATION  Is born in order to Frame and TO PROMOTE our CATALONIA like an Important Center of Development of Design in the requirement and with the eagerness for give answers in the Totality of Services existing at present in the Market of the COMMUNICATION, the WHOLE related with the ART Design, understanding that since the principle the beginning of the Conceptual ART is the Traditional Art that we understand is nowadays the Graphic|Graphical Design and the Advertising in general.

For this reason, our content and our professionals and employees, from all the world of art in one or another conceptual Art: Traditional Painting Professionals of Renown, which fit today and in other fields of Art Design, transmitting knowledge history, art and colors to New Market Opportunities. More specialized graphic designers with creative ideas of the current BOOM of new media like the Internet and New Social Networks, with the Supervision and Design of Audiovisual Contents, with vision and good sense in the Mobile Advertising and Aesthetics (Car Design & Supports), in short, the Global Corporate Design Company.
All this and more is, the new portal of communication, par excellence. Welcome to our Equipment and Services.

"Una Imagen, Mejor con Mil Palabras."

Un Fotógrafo o una fotógrafa (del griego φωτός, 'luz'; γράφος, 'escritor') es aquella Persona cuya Actividad Artística o Ocupación consiste en tomar Fotografías mediante el uso de una Cámara u otro Dispositivo capaz de Almacenar una Réplica bidimensional de la Realidad. En GESMARK lo hacemos Veraz.


Realizamos la Imagen Gráfica ( Fotografia, Video , Soportes Publicitarios ).

La Difundimos en Nuestra Redes via ( Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin ).

Especializados en el Sector de la MODA y DISEÑO .

Merchandising ( Estampado gráfico en Diferentes Prendas y Formatos ).

GesMARK ' La MARCA Solidaria por Excelencia'
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